In advancing the utilization of natural resources and making a significant contribution to the society, especially the country, exporting domestic products is one of the most appropriate reasons. With abundant natural resources and, of course, PT DEWI FORTUNA INDONESIA, together with the community, actively participating in advancing the nation by introducing domestic products to foreign countries.


Improve the welfare of Indonesian society, including farmers, to achieve a standard of living that is appropriate and to participate in the processing of natural resources that will become a source of foreign exchange for the country.
  • We aim to be a trusted partner for our customers, providing products that meet or even exceed their expectations.
  • We strive to provide high-quality, efficient, and flexible services, as well as innovative solutions to meet the needs of the evolving business and market demands.


Involving and providing understanding and knowledge in work to prioritize quality to employees will provide benefits in terms of knowledge for the individual worker and can enhance the quality of products that are acceptable both locally and internationally.
  • We view innovation and adaptation as key to success in the dynamic import-export industry. We strive to continuously monitor global market developments, business trends, and the latest technologies. We are committed to innovating and adopting new solutions that enhance our operational efficiency, expand our business reach, and meet evolving customer needs.
  • We strive to build mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with relevant parties, with a focus on understanding their business needs and goals.

Our Product

Spices & Herbs


HS Code : 123456


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As a meticulous and detail-oriented professional, we meticulously oversee the entire quality control process, from the initial sourcing of products to the final inspection before shipment.

Our expertise lies in developing and implementing comprehensive quality control protocols, conducting rigorous product evaluations, and collaborating closely with suppliers and manufacturers to address any quality issues.

With our strong analytical skills and a keen eye for detail, we consistently strive to exceed customer expectations, maintain regulatory compliance, and uphold the company's reputation for delivering high-quality products in the global market.


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